Monday, November 7

A New Post

Hi everyone... finally there's a new post on this blog. Now it's the holidays, and that means school's over! However if I'm not wrong all the sec 2s have to go back to school tomorrow (8 November) to know the streaming results, at 12 noon.

These few weeks I'm playing 3 games -- MapleStory, Pokemon Net Battle, and Pokemon Crystal on Visual Boy Advance (Don't laugh...). In MapleStory, I have one character, and it's a Magician. As for character name? If you should know it, I would either have already told you, or I haven't told you yet. Anyway I won't reveal it here, since I would not want the whole world to know it. Level what? That's a question which so many people have asked me, but I didn't tell them my level. Now I'm going to make it clear: at this point of time, 3.01PM, 7 November 2005, my level is still a 2-digit number, NOT YET a 3-digit one. OK?? So if you really want to know... you can always search for me around Victoria Island (not Maple Island, obviously), and of course, double-click on my character, but of course this only applies when I am online, playing.

Pokemon Net Battle is quite fun.

Pokemon Crystal... since I told you I am playing, I might as well tell you more... about the main set of Pokemon I'm using!
I chose Cyndaquil as my starter (the fire Pokemon, and I made the right choice), so now I have
Typhlosion, lvl 51
Kadabra, lvl 53
Pidgeot, lvl 55
Electabuzz, lvl 53
Lapras, lvl 51
Houndoom, lvl 47
Gyarados, lvl 48
Dragonair, lvl 41

I'm sure you can count that there are 8 up there. The newest one is Dragonair. The 2nd newest one is Houndoom. I caught a lvl 18 Houndoor only after I arrived in Kanto, since it's unavailable in Johto. I appreciate Houndoom for its toughness and versatility, and it learns many great attacks like Flamethrower, and Crunch (DARK!). I like its dark-type since it would be very very useful against Psychics, of which Psychic attacks can't hit Darks at all.
As for Dragonair, I'm not sure whether I want to train it further, but now I only leveled it up once.. from lvl 40 to 41! I caught a Dratini in the Dragon Den (lvl 40) using a Super Rod, and lvled it up by 1, and it evolved into Dragonair.

!Happy Holidays!


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