Saturday, October 8

Finally... A Long Awaited Post on my Blog!!

Hi everyone... I know I've not been blogging for a long time, and I'm sure all of you missed my interesting posts... so read this post, which should be more interesting than ever.

Okay... If you have been reading my friends' blogs you would notice that the Common Tests are over! Monday was a full Higher Chinese paper!! Altogether 3.5 hours of completing 2 fairly (or shall I just say 'very') long and stressful papers -- Composition and Paper II. Tuesday was Literary Expressions, which was actually a formal Literature test on the knowledge of Shakespeare's Merchant Of Venice, which we have been studying for the past... 4 months. Wednesday was Geography, which I had prepared thoroughly, so I hope I can do rather reasonably well. Thursday was Science, which was erm... funny? If you know the concepts very well you could have done very well, but unfortunately I was one of those who was only reasonably well prepared, so maybe I'll not do that well for this paper. Maths... it was wasy compared to those challenging problems Mr Lee let us do during his lessons. Maths was on Friday, the last paper! Still, I left one question blank, even though I thought of a way to do during the test, I didn't write down and after the test I found that my supposed method was right but it was too late... I just didn't write that down... so two marks gone! And for another question, I'm sure it's wrong, so at most I'll get 31 to 32 out of 35...

Anyway, common tests are already over and I can start my Pokemon Adventure LOLOL. I'm playing Pokemon Crystal, which dates back to the year 2001. Maybe I'll try some other games like Maplestory. Talking about MapleStory I don't know whether I'll eventually like it, or be addicted to it. I've seen others mapling and it's like... jumping all over and attacking, even though the graphics are quite nice. At that time I was thinking... oh how would I let myself be addicted to such a funny (in this case it means sort of aimless and boring) game... but then many have been talking about maple in school, and many are playing the game and enjoying it. However some people don't like maplestory. For example, my SJAB junior, Seah Kar Howe, a class chairman, said: "Maplestory sucks like hell, right?" Okay everyone has his or her own perspective. Some like Maplestory while some detest it. Me? I won't know unless I play it, but as of now, I don't play Maplestory, so I can't give a definite answer. Maybe I'll play some time later... for example a few days later, but very soon I'll play the game.

Another game. DOTA! I don't see why some people enjoy it, since it's like so funny, but surely some people would seriously enjoy DOTAing, while some would not. As for me... I'm not sure, but I'm not planning to play DOTA.

That's all. Before I forget, I'm told to do something really HORRIBLE and TEDIOUS. I shan't talk about this here, but to know what I was told to do, feel free to chat to me on MSN Messenger.


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