Wednesday, September 7


Yucks! The food at Thomson Plaza food court was horrible and worst of all, it's very expensive. It's a total waste of money. I wonder which idiot went against the idea of going to KFC and suggesting food court? That person deserves to be tortured. But worse still. I don't understand why one of our teachers/ma'm/sir told 4 year 2s (myself not included) to take the orders of EVERYONE and then MASS ORDER!! Oh my goodness. As you can see not every single of us are simple and/or simple-minded and/or are easily satisfied if we are served with a plate of chicken or char siew rice and have to pay... $3.50 for it. Everyone has his own taste and preferences and they would give ridiculous (or perhaps not really ridiculous, but more complex orders) which the 4 order-taking people would find it confusing. And before we were supposed to give our orders, we didn't even know what was available, and of course the prices, since the food court was a crazily expensive place to eat -- perhaps a plate of chicken rice there would cost more than any other place in Singapore other than those prestigious hotels where a high charge is actually reasonable. I really pity the order-takers. Luckily after that we were all allowed to buy our own food -- ourselves -- even though we still had to wait for every single one to be back before we could start trying how unappetizing the food was.

Okay that was too much on the food part. About the hike now. This morning we met at the stall at 9 am and after some briefing we headed off walking to MacRitchie Resorvoir. Then of course, without any doubt, our hike, began! It was about 12 km long altogether -- meaning that we walked 12 km. Simple as that!

There was a HSBC treetop walk which I had been awaiting since the beginning of our hike, as I believed it should be nice. It definitely was, but some cadets were scared of heights. The treetop walk was actually a suspension bridge which was 250 metres long in total and the centre span was 150 metres long. Being a suspension bridge it swayed left to right when somebody was leaning to a particular side or was walking vigorously (or how about jumping vigorously) on the bridge. Some people was scared of this but I think that it's not scary at all! If it were not safe HSBC would not have built this at all, and the school would not allow us to walk through! They wouldn't want to lose any of their gentlemen due to a deficiency of the structure which caused the collapse of this HSBC treetop suspension bridge (if that were to happen, but I believe, it would never.). So no one fainted, no one was injured.

After the trail we went to the nearest bus stop along Lornie Road and boarded 165 which was from Clementi via Lornie Road, Upper Thomson Road, Ang Mo Kio and the terminal is Hougang Central. We got off at Thomson Plaza, where we had our horrible meal (see above) at about 3 something. Then I was surprised that we were dismissed after that! Immediately! I thought there would have been something else awaiting us in school -- map reading course?! So anyway I took 163 with Shaun Neo to go home, wondering why we were FORCED to eat our lunches at Thomson Plaza if we would be dismissed RIGHT AFTER THAT. It's rather ridiculous, a little waste of time and a big waste of money.