Thursday, May 10


So much time has elapsed before i post again. This is most probably going to be my last post at, since
I have switched to blogging at

So do visit it. And also visit the Windows Live Space that I was using between the period of time THIS very blog that you are visiting is not updated, and before the start of

It is

I'll also remove all the links because most are outdated. Most of the blogs have ceased to exist, so the need to link them will be obviated.

Saturday, April 28


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Wednesday, December 7

I am at the Airport now, but where is Nemi and my Mark of the Beta!!

Hi everyone... it's been a long time since i last blogged. From 2nd Dec to 4th Dec I went to the SJAB basic NCO camp, but I'll not talk much about it, since the things i say about it might be offensive to some people, and I think I'll rather stick those words to myself rather than offend others or get myself into slight trouble. So, talk to me personally if you want to know more about the camp.

I'll be flying to Hong Kong today, and it's almost time to board the plane.

I just hate this keyboard. I can't use my thumb to press the spacebar, since something is blocking it, and the letter n is so insensitive, especially when N is one of the most commonly used alphabets in English.

My Aquila mage is still level 26, fame n20 only, because I went for the camp and lost 3 fame points, and had less time to train. By the way I didn't get any of the level 23 equipments like the ice wand...

Gtg now, continue later

Friday, November 18

What happened to the class allocation of the school???!!!!

___(WHY IS IT LIKE THIS?!?!)___

Why am I in such a class? Who are my classmates next year????!!!!! Why can't I access Sharepoint this moment? Can't I even change my password... the password changing page is not available or whatever??!?! Don't tell me I've to go to the technical centre to change this Sharepoint password???!! I haven't downloaded the list, and I've not seen the list properly!! Now I can't even get into Sharepoint...

TENTATIVELY, I'll be going to 3-8, and that is erm... YOU FIT IN THE WORD THAT I"M THINKING OF!!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK????!?!?! I HOPE THAT THE SCHOOL WOULD CHANGE THIS THING COMPLETELY. I don't understand why they can't put us into Triple, Double, Combined.. just like last year and this year's Sec 3s. And FYI I'm a to-be-triple-science student. And I thought those 30 to 40 to 50 something triple-scientists would gather in one or two classes??!! Like this year's 3-1, 3-3 or 3-5? And it doesn't really seem that the tablet is going to matter... the tablet is not likely to be the cause of the school putting us in such a sorry plight, since the whole of 2-8 is not going up together as a class, though most are in 3-1, and 12 (including me) are in 3-8, but I don't understand why the school would arrange us in such classes. Well... the whole of 2-9 rising up as 3-10 would actually make A LOT OF SENSE, compared to any of the other funny funny class arrangements, since they are the sports class, and they have a special schedule/ time table!

Ok.. if you have no idea what I'm talking about in the previous 2 paragraphs, I'll explain. I'm in sec 2 this year, going to sec 3, and this year is rather crucial since there's a thing called streaming. Streaming into the different sciences and humanities. AT LEAST in the previous 2 years, sec 3 students have been streamed into triple, double and single (combined) science streams. But this year, maybe and perhaps because of the tablet programme, which I DON'T REALLY NOT SUPPORT AT ALL (understand? that means i am NEUTRAL in the view of the school's tablet PC programme... I don't love it, but I don't detest it either.) , the classes are screwed up, and I am afraid that I'll be with SOME people that I MIGHT NOT like so much, and I hope that the school would sort of reorganize the classes, hopefully, it's a TOTAL revolution or change or allocation, whatever you call that.

Monday, November 7

A New Post

Hi everyone... finally there's a new post on this blog. Now it's the holidays, and that means school's over! However if I'm not wrong all the sec 2s have to go back to school tomorrow (8 November) to know the streaming results, at 12 noon.

These few weeks I'm playing 3 games -- MapleStory, Pokemon Net Battle, and Pokemon Crystal on Visual Boy Advance (Don't laugh...). In MapleStory, I have one character, and it's a Magician. As for character name? If you should know it, I would either have already told you, or I haven't told you yet. Anyway I won't reveal it here, since I would not want the whole world to know it. Level what? That's a question which so many people have asked me, but I didn't tell them my level. Now I'm going to make it clear: at this point of time, 3.01PM, 7 November 2005, my level is still a 2-digit number, NOT YET a 3-digit one. OK?? So if you really want to know... you can always search for me around Victoria Island (not Maple Island, obviously), and of course, double-click on my character, but of course this only applies when I am online, playing.

Pokemon Net Battle is quite fun.

Pokemon Crystal... since I told you I am playing, I might as well tell you more... about the main set of Pokemon I'm using!
I chose Cyndaquil as my starter (the fire Pokemon, and I made the right choice), so now I have
Typhlosion, lvl 51
Kadabra, lvl 53
Pidgeot, lvl 55
Electabuzz, lvl 53
Lapras, lvl 51
Houndoom, lvl 47
Gyarados, lvl 48
Dragonair, lvl 41

I'm sure you can count that there are 8 up there. The newest one is Dragonair. The 2nd newest one is Houndoom. I caught a lvl 18 Houndoor only after I arrived in Kanto, since it's unavailable in Johto. I appreciate Houndoom for its toughness and versatility, and it learns many great attacks like Flamethrower, and Crunch (DARK!). I like its dark-type since it would be very very useful against Psychics, of which Psychic attacks can't hit Darks at all.
As for Dragonair, I'm not sure whether I want to train it further, but now I only leveled it up once.. from lvl 40 to 41! I caught a Dratini in the Dragon Den (lvl 40) using a Super Rod, and lvled it up by 1, and it evolved into Dragonair.

!Happy Holidays!

Saturday, October 8

Finally... A Long Awaited Post on my Blog!!

Hi everyone... I know I've not been blogging for a long time, and I'm sure all of you missed my interesting posts... so read this post, which should be more interesting than ever.

Okay... If you have been reading my friends' blogs you would notice that the Common Tests are over! Monday was a full Higher Chinese paper!! Altogether 3.5 hours of completing 2 fairly (or shall I just say 'very') long and stressful papers -- Composition and Paper II. Tuesday was Literary Expressions, which was actually a formal Literature test on the knowledge of Shakespeare's Merchant Of Venice, which we have been studying for the past... 4 months. Wednesday was Geography, which I had prepared thoroughly, so I hope I can do rather reasonably well. Thursday was Science, which was erm... funny? If you know the concepts very well you could have done very well, but unfortunately I was one of those who was only reasonably well prepared, so maybe I'll not do that well for this paper. Maths... it was wasy compared to those challenging problems Mr Lee let us do during his lessons. Maths was on Friday, the last paper! Still, I left one question blank, even though I thought of a way to do during the test, I didn't write down and after the test I found that my supposed method was right but it was too late... I just didn't write that down... so two marks gone! And for another question, I'm sure it's wrong, so at most I'll get 31 to 32 out of 35...

Anyway, common tests are already over and I can start my Pokemon Adventure LOLOL. I'm playing Pokemon Crystal, which dates back to the year 2001. Maybe I'll try some other games like Maplestory. Talking about MapleStory I don't know whether I'll eventually like it, or be addicted to it. I've seen others mapling and it's like... jumping all over and attacking, even though the graphics are quite nice. At that time I was thinking... oh how would I let myself be addicted to such a funny (in this case it means sort of aimless and boring) game... but then many have been talking about maple in school, and many are playing the game and enjoying it. However some people don't like maplestory. For example, my SJAB junior, Seah Kar Howe, a class chairman, said: "Maplestory sucks like hell, right?" Okay everyone has his or her own perspective. Some like Maplestory while some detest it. Me? I won't know unless I play it, but as of now, I don't play Maplestory, so I can't give a definite answer. Maybe I'll play some time later... for example a few days later, but very soon I'll play the game.

Another game. DOTA! I don't see why some people enjoy it, since it's like so funny, but surely some people would seriously enjoy DOTAing, while some would not. As for me... I'm not sure, but I'm not planning to play DOTA.

That's all. Before I forget, I'm told to do something really HORRIBLE and TEDIOUS. I shan't talk about this here, but to know what I was told to do, feel free to chat to me on MSN Messenger.

Wednesday, September 7


Yucks! The food at Thomson Plaza food court was horrible and worst of all, it's very expensive. It's a total waste of money. I wonder which idiot went against the idea of going to KFC and suggesting food court? That person deserves to be tortured. But worse still. I don't understand why one of our teachers/ma'm/sir told 4 year 2s (myself not included) to take the orders of EVERYONE and then MASS ORDER!! Oh my goodness. As you can see not every single of us are simple and/or simple-minded and/or are easily satisfied if we are served with a plate of chicken or char siew rice and have to pay... $3.50 for it. Everyone has his own taste and preferences and they would give ridiculous (or perhaps not really ridiculous, but more complex orders) which the 4 order-taking people would find it confusing. And before we were supposed to give our orders, we didn't even know what was available, and of course the prices, since the food court was a crazily expensive place to eat -- perhaps a plate of chicken rice there would cost more than any other place in Singapore other than those prestigious hotels where a high charge is actually reasonable. I really pity the order-takers. Luckily after that we were all allowed to buy our own food -- ourselves -- even though we still had to wait for every single one to be back before we could start trying how unappetizing the food was.

Okay that was too much on the food part. About the hike now. This morning we met at the stall at 9 am and after some briefing we headed off walking to MacRitchie Resorvoir. Then of course, without any doubt, our hike, began! It was about 12 km long altogether -- meaning that we walked 12 km. Simple as that!

There was a HSBC treetop walk which I had been awaiting since the beginning of our hike, as I believed it should be nice. It definitely was, but some cadets were scared of heights. The treetop walk was actually a suspension bridge which was 250 metres long in total and the centre span was 150 metres long. Being a suspension bridge it swayed left to right when somebody was leaning to a particular side or was walking vigorously (or how about jumping vigorously) on the bridge. Some people was scared of this but I think that it's not scary at all! If it were not safe HSBC would not have built this at all, and the school would not allow us to walk through! They wouldn't want to lose any of their gentlemen due to a deficiency of the structure which caused the collapse of this HSBC treetop suspension bridge (if that were to happen, but I believe, it would never.). So no one fainted, no one was injured.

After the trail we went to the nearest bus stop along Lornie Road and boarded 165 which was from Clementi via Lornie Road, Upper Thomson Road, Ang Mo Kio and the terminal is Hougang Central. We got off at Thomson Plaza, where we had our horrible meal (see above) at about 3 something. Then I was surprised that we were dismissed after that! Immediately! I thought there would have been something else awaiting us in school -- map reading course?! So anyway I took 163 with Shaun Neo to go home, wondering why we were FORCED to eat our lunches at Thomson Plaza if we would be dismissed RIGHT AFTER THAT. It's rather ridiculous, a little waste of time and a big waste of money.